Tuesday, 13 December 2016

FREE 2017 Little Muslimah Calendar

Assalamu'alaykum to all friends in the world,

Please feel free to use or share these calendar. There are several options, one for weeks that start with Sunday and one for weeks that start with Monday. There are also plain calendar which is applicable  for worldwide use and calendars with Malaysia public holidays. To save this calendar,please click on the image and wait until the original size of the image appear,the right click and choose "save image as". The suggested print size for this calendar is A4 size. Please share this calendar if you find this calendar interesting!


cute muslimah calendar
Weeks start with Sunday

cute calendar islamic muslimah
Weeks start with Monday


Weeks start with Sunday 

cute malaysia calendar kids
kalendar muslimah comel

beautiful islamic calendar for kids


Weeks start with Monday
cute muslimah disney calendar
cute decoration kalendar malaysia

kalendar muslimah comel

Date Day Holiday Applicable to
28 Jan Sat Chinese New Year National
29 Jan Sun Chinese New Year (2nd Day) National
1 May Mon Labour Day National
10 May Wed Vesak Day National
3 Jun Sat Yang Dipertuan Agong's Birthday National
25 Jun Sun Hari Raya Puasa * National
26 Jun Mon Hari Raya Puasa * National
31 Aug Thu National Day National
1 Sep Fri Hari Raya Haji * National
16 Sep Sat Malaysia Day National
21 Sep Thu Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah) National
18 Oct Wed Deepavali * National except Sarawak
1 Dec Fri Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
(Maulidur Rasul)
25 Dec Mon Christmas National
* Subject to change, TBC - To be confirmed

School holidays for 2017
18.03.2017 - 26.03.2017
27.05.2017 - 11.06.2017
26.08.2017 - 3.09.2017
25.11.2017 - 1.1.2018
Holiday starts and ends a day earlier for schools in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor. 

Credit for Muslimah  doodles: Ms Diya Hanun

Monday, 16 May 2016

FREE Islamic Kids Storybooks : The Glorious Prophet Series (Prophet Musa alaihissalam)

The Glorious Prophet Series : Prophet Musa a.s.

**You can download high quality of the images of every pages of this set of Islamic storybooks THE GLORIOUS PROPHET SERIES by Hajjah Ayesha Abdullah Scott, 1999 ---> CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE SET OF BOOKS

**To download all PDFs for the whole set of books, CLICK HERE.

**Please click below image to download the folder of images for specific book or click the title to download the PDF.

Book 1 Walid Comes to Egypt
Book 1 Walid Comes to Egypt (PDF)
Book 2 The Birth of Prophet Musa a.s. (PDF)
Book 3 Musa In the Court of Pharaoh (PDF)
Book 4 Prophet Musa a.s. and Prophet Shu'ayb a.s. (PDF)
Book 5 The Staff of Prophet Musa a.s. (PDF)
Book 6 Musa a.s. Receives His Prophethood (PDF)


Book 9 The Exodus (PDF)












List of Books in The Glorious Prophet Series by Hajjah Ayesha Abdullah Scott, 1999

Book 1 Walid Comes to Egypt
Book 2 The Birth of Prophet Musa a.s.
Book 3 Musa In the Court of Pharaoh
Book 4 Prophet Musa a.s. and Prophet Shu'ayb a.s.
Book 5 The Staff of Prophet Musa a.s.
Book 6 Musa a.s. Receives His Prophethood
Book 7 Musa a.s. and The Pharaoh's Sorcerers
Book 8 The Story of Mashitah and the Death of Queen Asiyah
Book 9 The Exodus
Book 10 The Golden Calf
Book 11 The Revelation of The Holy Torah
Book 12 The Story of Qarun
Book 13 The Lost of the Promised Land
Book 14 The Story of the Cow
Book 15 Musa and Khidr a.s.
Book 16 The Death of Prophet Harun a.s. and Prophet Musa a.s.
Book 17 The Modesty of Prophet Musa a.s.
Book 18 The Disobedience of Bani Israil
Book 19 Prophet Adam a.s. and Prophet Musa a.s.
Book 20 The Wisdom of Prophet Musa Kalimullah

** Ibu-ibu mencari buku cerita islamik untuk anak-anak?Kanak-kanak memang suka mendengar cerita kan.Mari download set buku di atas.
**Koleksi ini juga boleh didapati dalam Bahasa Melayu.Sila lawat Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia atau perpustakaan terdekat (jika anda tinggal di Malaysia).

**Buku yang dikongsi hanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris.Sesetengah buku tidak sempurna imejnya kerana keadaan buku itu sendiri.

**Untuk download semua gambar dalam koleksi ini yang BERKUALITI TINGGI,sila klik link INI.

**Untuk download koleksi cerita ini dalam bentuk PDF,sila klik link INI

Monday, 22 February 2016

FREE Dot Marker Sheet for Allah's Name with Rainbow Color

Assalamu'alaykum friends,

I am not sure what is the right name to give for this worksheet but I do really hope that I haven't done any mistakes in naming this worksheet or this post. I have been keeping this stuff because I had planned to do other kind of Islamic dot marker sheet but it seems that I actually do not have time to make other Islamic dot marker sheet. However, if I have done it, I will absolutely share it here in this post. 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

FREE Arabic Joining the Dots/ Connect the Dots/ Dot to dot percuma!!

Assalamu'alaykum and good day,

I've made this Arabic Joining the Dots/ Connect the Dots/ Dot to dot worksheets for all beloved readers. In Malay, I would call these worksheets as Aktiviti Sambung Titik Hijaiyah / Alif ba ta. You are welcomed to use with your kids and classroom as well as to share it worldwide as long as it is not for commercial purpose. You may share the files or the images in your Facebook, Instagram,Whatsapp,Telegram etc. I have made the worksheets for 28 Arabic letters: Alif, Ba, Ta, Tsa, Jim, Ha, Kho, Dal, Dzal, Ro, Zai, Sim, Syim, Sod, Dhod, Tho, Zho, Ain, Ghain , Fa ,Qaf, Kaf, Lam, Mim, Nun, Haa, Wau and Ya. 

There are two versions of mim because the image that I referred seem short to me so I made the long mim version. You can choose which one you prefer by excluding the unwanted mim when you are printing later on.

Muslimah Snow White version
Cover for Muslimah Snow White version

There are two files. One file have icon of Muslimah Snow White in the pages while the other file is just purely the worksheets. CLICK BELOW LINKS TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE or you can download as separate images. Scroll to see more:
  1. Joining the Dots for Arabic Letters with Muslimah Snow White icon
  2. Joining the Dots for Arabic Letters without Muslimah Snow White icon 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

FREE Template for Arabic Letters in Circles

Click HERE to download Power Point file.

Click 'Read more' to download printables in images form. Klik DI SINI untuk artikel Bahasa Melayu.


These printables are suitable for kindergarten teachers, school teachers or ustazah. It can be made as classroom decoration or as teaching aids.


Klik DI SINI untuk download fail Power Point.

Klik 'Read more' untuk download printables dalam bentuk gambar. Click HERE for English article.


Printable Alif Ba Ta Bulat- bulat ni memang sesuai untuk guru-guru tadika,cikgu-cikgu sekolah atau ustazah sekolah agama. Boleh buat hiasan kelas atau bahan bantu mengajar. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

FREE Disney-Inspired Islamic Size Sequencing Printables

Assalamu'alaikum and good day,

I really love these cute Muslimah Disney figures that these talented artists made. I was really excited to turned it into these "Islamic Size Sequencing" worksheets as well as to use it with my kid. I really hope that you like these worksheets as much as we do. My special thanks go to HonoDiya Hanun and FizGraphic

Monday, 11 January 2016

FREE Flash Cards 123 Polka Dot Percuma

Assalamu'alaikum and good day to all readers,

I made these flash cards 123 specially for islamichomeschoolingworksheets.blogspot.com readers. Hope you like it.

Please click HERE to download. :) :)

Friday, 8 January 2016

FREE Islamic Prewriting Worksheet Percuma

Islamic prewriting worksheet

Assalamu'alaikum and good day,

Please find my prewriting worksheet that I made myself for my daughter. I have exposed my daughter with color pencil,pencil and pen since she was 15 months and always encouraged her to scribble on paper. I think I have made that as a daily routine.Now she's 23 months ,she is really good in holding the pencil and pen. I just need to guide her with this kind of prewriting worksheet. I would start with dotted straight lines.  
To download, just click on the picture and wait for the original image to appear. After that, right click and choose 'save image as'. Hope you and your children will love this worksheets as much as we do. Have fun. Thank you :)


Muslimah doodles courtesy of : http://farozyyy.deviantart.com/
Muslimah Disney doodles courtesy of : Diya Hanun
Dotted images of mother & father by me :) :) 

Please check my WELCOME POST to download other FREE PRINTABLES.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

FREE Flash Cards Common Arabic Words in Quran Percuma

Assalamu'alaikum and good day,

Last time when I shared free printables of  " Flash Cards - 100 Key Words InEnglish.with Peter and Jane, published by Ladybird " ; people asked me if I have the same flash cards for Arabic. Lucky me Alhamdulillah I found a website that is kind enough to share with the rest of ummah.

FREE Flash Cards - 100 Key Words In English Printables D.I.Y Percuma

Assalamu'alaikum and good day,

Today I would like to share free D.I.Y. printables of Flash Cards - 100 Key Words In English.with Peter and Jane, published by Ladybird.