Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Storybook Collection

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365 Stories and Rhymes by Brown Watson

Hardcover : 192 pages
Publisher : Brown Watson, 2013
Purchased Price : RM26.91 (10% member discount)
Original Price : RM 29.90
Source of Purchase : Popular Bookstore

The first time I discovered this book when I was in Singapore for my husband's business trip but during that time I was worried that the luggage will be overweight. I doubted that I won't see this book again but glad I found it the bookstore in my hometown. I really like this book because of its combination of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Moreover, the illustration is lovely and cute. My 8-months old daughter loves looking at this book and if I don't control her hand, she likes to tear it up too. The stories and nursery rhymes are for 365 days and even have allocated date but I don't really follow that because I feel the story for one day is too short.

365 One-Minute Bedtime Stories

Hardcover : 255 pages
Publisher : Yoyo Books
Purchased Price : RM29.61 (10% member discount)
Original Price : RM 32.90
Source of Purchase : Popular Bookstore

I love this book. It is about the daily life of four friends : Nibbles,Flopsy,Blinders and Hopper. The length of the story is just enough and the context is suitable for kids. For this one, I follow the allocated date since I couldn't remember the last pages that I've read. It got some pretty illustrations too. description:
Nibbles, Flopsy, Hopper and Blinders have the most exciting life, every day of the year! Follow their adventures from January 1st until December 31st and enjoy the wonderful pictures. These short stories, which take just one minute to read, make bedtime each evening a unique moment.