Tuesday, 22 December 2015

FREE Islamic Joining the Dots / Connect the Dots / Dot-to Dot Worksheets

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Islamic homeschooling worksheets

Salam and good day,

Today I would like to share these Joining the Dots that I made by myself with reference to several google images. Some of you may call it as Connect the Dots or Dot-to Dot worksheets. In Malay, I would  call these worksheets as aktiviti Sambung Titik Islamik.

This document and its contents are allowed to be used and shared worldwide. If possible, please give credit to ©Islamic Homeschooling Worksheets, 2015 and link it back to our blog islamichomeschoolingworksheets.blogspot.com. You may share the hosting link for this document in your  blog/ website/ Whatsapp group/ Facebook group/ Telegram channel etc.

Click the images to view the original size of the image and then right click and choose "save image as". Please click HERE to download pdf file. The last image is newly uploaded, therefore not yet included in the pdf file.
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Islamic dot-to-dot
Girl and teddy bear!
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