Monday, 18 January 2016

FREE Disney-Inspired Islamic Size Sequencing Printables

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Assalamu'alaikum and good day,

I really love these cute Muslimah Disney figures that these talented artists made. I was really excited to turned it into these "Islamic Size Sequencing" worksheets as well as to use it with my kid. I really hope that you like these worksheets as much as we do. My special thanks go to HonoDiya Hanun and FizGraphic

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The above Terms of Use might apply to the said printables only: FREE Disney-Inspired Islamic Size Sequencing Printables.

To download below images, click on the below thumbnail images, wait until the original images appear and then right click and choose "Save image as". To download PDF file,click HERE.

Disney Muslimah Size Sequencing
Snow White

Disney Muslimah Size Sequencing

Disney Islamic Size Sequencing

Disney Muslimah Size Sequencing
Belle Beauty and the Beast

Disney Muslimah Size Sequencing

Disney Muslimah Frozen Anna Size Sequencing
Anna Frozen

Islamic Size Sequencing Pink Mosque
Pink Mosque

Islamic Size Sequencing Blue Quran
Blue Quran

Islamic Size Sequencing Solat
Muslimah is performing Solat

Islamic Size Sequencing Muslim
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