Sunday, 10 January 2016

Poster of Arabic Letters in Polka Dot Boxes

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Price: USD2.50

Please click on the above image to buy the poster.

These posters are available in two(2) syllabuses. One is for international syllabus while the other one is for Malaysia/Indonesia syllabus. These posters are in A3 size. If you wish to print on A3 paper,you must find A3 printer first. You can opt to print as A4 or A5 size by adjusting your printer setting. Please select the highest resolution in the printer setting so that you will get high quality poster. You can print on card stock or laminate this poster for durability. And also, please review first before printing in order to avoid printing mistake as well as ink wastage.

TIPS: You can use “tack-it” to stick the poster on the wall instead of using double –sided tape in order to prevent  wall damages.

You can also make two(2) copies for the poster. Just make one(1) copy as the chart while for the other copy, you can cut along the boxes lines to get 28 or 30 pieces of Arabic letters. Then, you can ask your child to match the pieces to the chart.

You can print on glossy sticker paper and cut along the boxes lines  to make stickers of Arabic letters . They are so colorful and your child will love it.
I found that Islamic stuffs for kids are limited in the market,therefore I love to create my own sticker as well as magnetic stickers. I always print  on normal A4 paper, then I will laminate it. After that, I will add magnetic sheet at the back of the pieces. One of my friends has suggested to use Velcro tape instead. Whichever you like it . :) :)


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