Wednesday, 20 January 2016

FREE Template for Arabic Letters in Circles

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Click HERE to download Power Point file.

Click 'Read more' to download printables in images form. Klik DI SINI untuk artikel Bahasa Melayu.


These printables are suitable for kindergarten teachers, school teachers or ustazah. It can be made as classroom decoration or as teaching aids.

It is suggested that you use colorful A4 papers to print this printable. Then, cut it along the circle lines and stick it on the paper plates, paper cups or  anything that you wish to stick it on. You can print on colorful card stocks or laminate it for durability. After that, you can make magnetic sticker by adding magnetic sheet. Or you can add Velcro tape for sticking game purpose. Or you can make matching game or memory game from these circles.

The size of big circles is 12cm in diameter while the size of small circles is 3.5cm in diameter. You can always adjust the size according to your preference. If possible, please measure the paper plates or paper cups first to ensure the circles will fit with those stuffs.

To download Power Point file, you have to register with first. After that, you need to login before you can do the downloading.

Or you can choose to download from below images. Click on below images and wait until the original size of the image appears. Then, right click and choose 'save image as'.

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